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Charities I Donate To


Like Isis brought Osiris back to life, I bring old jewelry back to its former glory.

Charities that I support and give to each year

Bodhi Bags For the Homeless at The Rime Buddhist Center: Bodhi Bags are filled with useful items and toiletries for the homeless of Kansas City. I donate items and volunteer to help pass them out several times each year. I am a member of the Rime Center and I also volunteer to help out there whenever I can.

Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter:

My assistant and kitty friend Daisy came from Parkville Animal Shelter. I donate unused craft supplies and items that did not sell to the FOPAS Fabulous Finds Store. I also donate a portion of my sales to FOPAS at the beginning of the year.

DAV and DAV Thrift:

I donate items throughout the year to the local Gladstone Red Racks Thrift Store, which supports DAV (Disabled American Veterans). I also donate a small monetary donation to the DAV every year.

It's important to note that I am not a big business, but I donate where I can.

I think community outreach is a really important part of being a business as well as a human being!

We are all connected.



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