Frequently Asked Questions


Like Isis brought Osiris back to life, I bring old jewelry back to its former glory.

Any questions? Just ask! I will add more answers as I am asked questions.

Custom Orders

I have no problem taking custom orders. Just realize that, due to how busy I am with a full-time job, as well as my jewelry, it make take up to three weeks for an item to be finished. I will work to get the item finished as soon as I can or as close as I can to a deadline that you may need it by, but nothing in life is ever guaranteed. So, just so you are aware, turn around time can be three weeks, so contact me at least three weeks before you want an item, and I can get it done!

Jewelry Repairs

Sometimes the older vintage items can need a little repair here and there. I try to make sure the items are in good shape, but I never know what will happen to one of them in the future. If it is a minor repair (setting problem, needs adhesive or minor soldering) I can repair the item, in most cases. You will need to mail the item to me, I'll need some time to fix it, and I will send it back by mail as well. I don't do housecalls for my own safety. There may be a small charge for shipping and handling to return it to you, but in some cases, I may be able to do it for free or for a small fee. If the item needs much more major repairs, I may not be able to repair it, but I may be able to find a replacement for you, at a cost. It depends on how much I can purchase it for, etc. I am not trying to make a profit off of repairs but I may need to pay for the cost of the item, and a small fee for my time. I will require you to pay up-front for this. So contact me at ivoryisis@gmail.com if you have any questions, or you need any help. This is also my Paypal address, for the cost of any repairs. I may also be able to do small jewelry repairs on items that I did not make personally. Each situation is different, so it's best to just ask!

Do you sell ivory or other ivory-related materials in your shop?

I don't sell ivory or deal with ivory in any form. I would never use an item illegally obtained from any animal in any of my work, whatsoever, and any bones I used are found in the woods. I am 100% an animal lover in all ways, shapes, and forms, even animals you may not like, such as spiders. Ivory is my skin color (extremely pale) and when I was using Ivory Isis as my online nickname, I thought it had a nice ring to it.

Do you have anything to do with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as ISIS or ISIL?

I hate that people would ever confuse the Egyptian Goddess with these terrorist organizations. The name Isis has nothing to do with any of the Islamic terrorist groups currently operating - it has to do with the Egyptian Goddess Isis. I just love Ancient Egypt! Ivory Isis used to be my online nickname because I have very pale skin (ivory) and Isis is my favorite Egyptian Goddess. I thought it sounded very catchy, so there you have it!! Also it goes well with the idea of resurrecting old jewelry - in the Egyptian stories, Isis resurrected her husband Osiris from the dead.

Stuff I Don't Do

Jewelry appraisals, Historical research on jewelry items, Historical research on antique items, Genealogical research on any antique or jewelry item, etc.

While I love historical information on antique items, unless you are trying to sell me something at an affordable price, I'm not going to have the time to help. The main thing that I do here is sell my jewelry, crafts, graphic design pieces and art. I don't have time to do research on pieces that are not my own, as I work a more than full-time job (50+ hours per week) on top of making various items. I do not do anything related to anything besides these functions due to time restraints.



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