Where do you source your herbs from?

All of the herbs that I use to create our products with are either grown in our garden, (without the use of any pesticides) sourced from farms using organic and sustainable farming techniques, or ethically wildcrafted in the Midwestern United States - usually, but not always, from my property in the Missouri Ozarks.

Any other items that need to be purchased to create products, like carrier oils, beeswax, and honey, come from organic farmers and small farms and producers in the United States.  I try to buy local and at least within the state of Missouri.  All honey is locally sourced.  Since we are a small business - we strive to support other small businesses!

I'm pregnant or nursing.  Are your products safe for me?

We typically notate if a product is unsafe for pregnancy or use during lactation in the product description, but, please always check with your primary medical practitioner or healthcare provider before purchasing a product.

Do you have a physical location?

Due to heavy overhead costs of owning a physical business, I don't currently have a shop location, and are based online. 

My products can be sold in your shop, however!  Please note that since I create very small-batch items, I only vend with businesses instead of allowing wholesale accounts. 

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to carry my products on the "Contact" page. 


Where do we meet for Herbal Consultations?

Herbal consultations are normally held on the program Zoom, which is free to use.

We can meet by video from your computer or phone, and have a discussion.

If you are located in the Kansas City, Missouri metro area, we may be able to meet in person for an additional small fee.  The fee allows me to book an office in the town that I live in so that we can meet in person, when I don't actually have an office for meetings. 

Send me a message through the "Contact" page to discuss this option!

How do I get my recommended supplements and herbs from Herbal Consultations?

I send herbal recommendations through my partnerships with other herbal apothecaries who create custom herbal and supplement blends.  We will go over the suggestions and if you think that they sound useful to you, I will create a custom package, send you an invoice, and you can make your own purchase. As a very small business, I do not currently have the capacity to complete custom blends without some help from fully stocked herbal suppliers - but luckily, I know just who to go to for some help!

Are herbs and supplements included in my consultation?

Since it would not be affordable or sustainable for me to include the price of herbs and supplements in my consultation package plans, they are not included.  Typically herbs and supplements cost from $50 to $150 initially, and you can expect to pay at least $50 per month for your supplements, and possibly more for your specific dietary needs.  

Do you accept payment through a payment plan?

Payment plans are definitely available!  Payments may be split into 2-3 payments before your consultation, or in one payment before the consultation(s).  I ask that you make a deposit when you first schedule your consultation(s), and have payments made in full for the amount of your consultation(s) by the day of your consultation(s).

Do you accept returns?

We do not accept returns on most items (an item will be marked with return information if we do for that particular item) and we do not refund orders that have been shipped.  If you have a problem with your order, please contact me through the "Contact" page on this site.

What types of payment do you accept?

We only take credit card and debit card payments through PayPal and Stripe.  No other payment types are accepted.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

We don't currently ship outside of the United States due to restrictions on some of the products that we make and regulations in shipment to other countries.

For any other questions, please us the "Contact" page on the site.  I am happy to assist you!

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