Aromatherapist's Recommended Essential Oil Brands

I recently took a poll of certified aromatherapists, and these are the essential oil brands that they recommended!

I'm in several groups for aromatherapy and herbs, and just asked on my Facebook groups for certified aromatherapists for opinions.

I heard of a few brands that I had never heard of as well!

A note on the brands: Many of the certified aromatherapists had been in multi-level marketing groups (MLMs) in the past. They did not recommend them due to price, high minimum monthly order amounts that were required to get the best deal on products, high minimum monthly order amounts to make money as a distributor in the company, as well as rampant misinformation from the marketing leads in the companies (taking essential oils internally, using oils that should not be used by children, etc.), and issues with customer service.

)1. Plant Therapy was selected more often than any other essential oil company. They are cited as being led by actual certified aromatherapists, offering great prices including sales and free shipping on a regular basis, and having very good quality essential oils for the price! Plant Therapy also has some body products like lotions as well as lotion bases for making your own products at home. (That way you know exactly what's in them!) Bonus: Plant Therapy also has a lot of educational information on essential oils available on their website.

2. Mountain Rose Herbs was another brand that was selected due to having organic varieties of essential oils readily available, great quality herbs as well as essential oils, and great customer service! They also have a large amount of available essential oils. You can place an order for essential oils here, get some herbs, and other necessities, all at one time, which is very convenient.

3. Eden's Garden Essential Oils were selected because of good quality, good variety, and good customer service. They also have other related items, like deodorant, perfume, and soap, as well as various home good items, like linen spray and candles.

4. Aura Cacia was selected because it is part of a sustainable co-op, (Frontier Co-op) had good quality oils, and a great variety. Frontier also has herbs and other products, often organic, which makes buying an online order easier since you can get a lot of items in one place.

5. Rocky Mountain Essential Oils were also recommended. They have good blends, but not as much selection as the other essential oil companies. They have various other household supplies, including a cleaning concentrate which is very convenient. They also have good quality oils, and good customer service.

What are some essential oil brands that you like personally, and why? Feel free to let me know!

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