Good News! Herbal Academy Sale!

Sometimes we just need some GOOD news... especially at times like this year when there are a lot of negatives staring us in the face. But today, that's exactly what we've got for you.

As a human, it's essential to continue your learning journey to continually hone your skills as a person - why not learn about herbalism?  I would LOVE to see an herbalist in every home!  Learning these time-honored skills is a privilege that we should be using!

Today you can enroll in the Herbal Academy courses for 35% OFF with the Back To School Sale.

Investing in your herbal education opens up doors of opportunity. It can allow you to:

  • Empower yourself

  • Help your family and friends

  • Pursue your dreams

  • Follow your passion

  • Build something great

  • Lead the way forward

Education is the stepping stone to greater things, and there's no better time to get started than right now. Herbal Academy is my alma mater and they are the herbal school that I'm the most impressed with, which is why I'm always recommending them to others. They cover everything from home and family herbalism, herbal beauty care, basic beginner's herbalism, running an herbal business, foraging, mushroom foraging, and all the way down the line to clinical herbalism. There's something for everyone!

If you've been thinking about investing in herbal education at the Herbal Academy for a while, you can get started now. Click here to see ALL of the Herbal Academy's top ranked herbal programs are now discounted up to 35% OFF! It's by far the best time of year to enroll, and you can wait until later in the year to actually start the course if you prefer.  The clock doesn't start ticking on your courses until you start the course, so you have full control over this! Let me know if you sign up!  I am here to help! -Tania

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