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Clean up your life with therapeutic grade essential oils, safe non-toxic cleaning products, food, and health and beauty items. 

Get some beautiful pottery, herbs, or jewelry while you're visiting as well!!



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Young Living Essential Oils

Click an image to learn more about them.

Select "Choose Your Starter Kit"  and then select the "Popular Premium Kits" or "Other  Premium Kits"  tab, and then select your favorite! 
Note: Basic Kit is not a good value, and includes only sample items.
Natural Beauty
Select "Choose Your Starter Kit" and then select the "Other Premium Kits" tab, and then choose one of the "Savvy Minerals" kits based on your skin tone!  This kit is the best option for those who want healthy, non-toxic  makeup!

Diffusers and Accessories

  • Add essential oils to your surroundings through aromatherapy!

  • Young Living has a lot of different diffusers and options

At Home Items

  • Thieves Cleaning and Personal Care Line,

  • Seedlings Children's Care Line

  • KidScents Essential Oils

  •  Animal Scents Essential Oils

Even More

  • Items I've Created and My Services

  • Artwork

  • Jewelry

  • Pottery

  • Sari and Silk Painted Scarves

  • Reiki

  • Tarot Readings

Essential Oils

  • Pure Therapy Grade Essential Oils with the Seed to Seal Guarantee that only Young Living can offer!

Personal Care

  • Savvy Minerals Makeup,

  • Facial Care

  • Soap and Bath Gels

  • Lotions and Moisturizers

  • Body Care

  • Men's Care

  • Hair Care,

  • Dental Care

Healthy & Fit

  • NingXia Red Supplements,

  • Slique Weight Maintenance and Diet Supplements,

  • Cleansing Nutrition,

  • Target Nutrition

  • Healthy Cooking

  •  Nutritional Accessories

Create a Healthy Life
Select "Choose Your Starter Kit"  and then select the "Other  Premium Kits"  tab, and then "Thieves Kit" to select the Thieves Kit!  This kit is the best option for those who want a healthy and clean home!
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